A non-profit corporation serving North Alabama


Get involved by donating or volunteering!!!


 Beacon Ranch needs your help! Below are current projects and future plans for Beacon Ranch. Volunteers and monetary donations are needed. 100% of donations go toward project of your designation.


Why Help?

Your labor and/or money reduce the direct costs that Beacon Ranch would normally have to incur.  This allows us to provide services to local schools and communities more frequently, enables us to diversify our programs to better serve diverse needs, and increases our ability to produce valued goods.


General Fund: (Amount needed – $5,000/yr)

Land rental fee, saving for land purchase, utility bills, tools, hardware, current needs, etc.


Agriplex: ( Amount needed $7,000)

Help us complete our Agricultural Learning Complex.  Renovating an old chicken house to facilitate hands on learning for patrons of all ages.

Over $3700 of donations received in 2014! Thank you!!!



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Educational Outreach: (Amount needed – $1,500)

Curriculum research and development, hands-on supplies, school marketing, group accommodations (tables, benches, awnings, etc.)


Community Outreach: (Amount needed – $500 per event)

Event supplies, marketing, raffle prizes, party rentals, food, drinks, games, etc.


Animal Improvement: (Amount needed – $1000)

Feed, minerals, medication, animal purchases.


Garden Expansion: (Amount needed – $500)

Seed starting improvements, transportation coolers, irrigation, cart, washing station, seeds, tools, trellises, etc.

Pastured Poultry: (Amount needed – $1400)

Building pasture pens, feeders, waterers, processing equipment, broilers, and turkeys

Sponsored!!!  Personal Donation.  THANK YOU!!!


Fencing: (Amount needed – $1000)

Posts, wire, insulators, staples, and other supplies.


Get involved by donating or volunteering!!!