A non-profit corporation serving North Alabama

About Us

Impacting North Alabama

Beacon Ranch is a North Alabama non-profit whose vision is to educate and positively impact local communities through service, adventure, and hands-on agricultural and environmental programs.

Our outdoor educational programs provide students with hands-on experiences and visual evidences of the content they hear about in the classroom. By incorporating multiple disciplines into our activities, students will learn about science, math, history, language, and art within a relevant environmental context.

Fresh salsa from the garden

Community Events

Our community events strive to bring the community together around food, fun, and games.  Thanks to generous donations and business partnerships, all Beacon Ranch events are FREE.  Nothing is better than getting outside in the fresh air and having fun with nature.  By providing people access to animals and the great outdoors, stress is reduced and good ole’ fashioned verbal communication reunites  community bonds.

Introducing the kids to the kids

Produce and Livestock

Beacon Ranch is a working ranch.  In an effort to support our non-profit services, revenue is generated though the sale of goods grown and produced on the ranch.  Visit our “Products” and “Local Scenery” page for more information. As we are a non-profit, generous donations are also essential to our success.  If you would like to partner with us please contact here.

We deeply value the environment and strive to be good stewards of the land and the lives for which we are responsible.  As such, we use sustainable farming techniques to the best of our ability.


Fresh veggies from the raised bed garden