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Beacon Ranch is a true working ranch. We raise a variety of animals and grow a multitude of fruits and vegetables. Revenue from the sale of farm produced goods helps us bring hands-on educational experiences to local schools and allows us to sponsor FREE community events that bring families, friends, and strangers together around outdoor activities.



Fall Round Up 2012 Albertville Alabama - Beacon Ranch



Chickens - Douglas Alabama

Pastured chicken

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Standard Bronze Turkey

A heritage breed of turkey that has been a large part of American food history.  They somewhat resemble the wild turkey and are quite beautiful as the sun reflects off their iridescent  black feathers.  Dating back to the 1800’s, these birds offer good temperaments, survivability,  breeding success, and tasty meat.  All visitors love to hear the tom gobble and watch him strut his stuff.


White Embden

Our pasture watch-dogs!










A large pure white breed of Goose that was raised on the farm last spring(’12). This group is very vocal and will let you know if they spot anything moving around that they are not familiar with.  They are good foragers and can often be spotted browsing for tender young plants near the rest of the herd (goats and donkey.) Supposedly, they will weed the garden while leaving certain vegetable plants alone.  We will find out this coming spring.


Pekin and cross breeds











Ducks have been an interesting addition to the ranch.  They love to play in water like nothing I have ever seen.  The phrase, “…like a duck to water,” definitely has merit.  We originally had a trio of Khaki Cambells that laid eggs better than our chickens.  The ones we have now will hopefully lay this spring.  Similar to the geese, they are supposed to help manage weeds and bugs in the garden.  We shall see.


Mixed Breeds









The farm started out with three curious goats and a donkey.  They were creatively named for their primary color; Blackie, Whitie, and Brownie.  Now that the goats are having their second batch of kids, we are up to 12 goats and will hopefully be adding another pair ( “momma” is expecting soon.)


Jerusalem Donkeys: One of the original animals brought to the ranch. After hearing about their ability to protect the herd from dogs and coyotes, we incorporated a Jenny(female donkey) into our original group of three goats. While I was working in the pasture one day, the donkey proved its muster by chasing and cornering the ranch dog. The dog was not supposed to be in the pasture and she was lucky I was around to rescue her and walk her back out of the pasture. Needless to say, the dog is not very interested in goats any more, even when they are standing near the fence line.




Beacon Ranch volunteers make a difference! through warm friendly service and relationship building our amazing volunteers positively impact the community and individual lives.