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We deeply value the environment and strive to be good stewards of the land and the lives for which we are responsible.  As such, we use sustainable farming techniques to the best of our ability.

Sustainable Agriculture

Beacon Ranch strives to grow vegetables and produce meat in the way nature always intended.  The current trend in mass production food systems is not sustainable and has a host of negative unintended consequences.  Including, yet not limited to, a food system heavily reliant on petroleum, drug resistant bacteria, animal cruelty, human sickness/death, and foods that have been treated with hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and even radiation before reaching the shelf.

To find more about conventional and sustainable farming practices and consequences search the web or visit some of our favorite websites…

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Discovery– 10 basics of sustainable agriculture


Want to eat locally produced naturally grown foods?  Beacon Ranch can help.  For more information or to pre-order, contact us here.

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